Rock Climbing

20180120_150112.jpg2017 was crazy year for Rivertown Adventures.  We opened among other things an indoor rock climbing bouldering area.  This area has overhangs, flats, and a cave to acomidate any skill level or age.  It being a bouldering area there are no harnesses or ropes to get in the way so a person can truly free climb.  There is a padded floor, of course, to make the fall safe if one loses there grip.


Rock hold are constantly being rerouted to make every visit a new climbing experience.  We also have many climbers on hand to help with the beginner that might need a few pointers.


Climbing has been proven to be a great form of excersis for all ages.  We stand behind the idea that a person in motion is more likely to stay in motion.  Climbing can also relieve aches and pains thoughout the body including the back.  Hanging relieves the preasures of gravity.  Besides once you give it a try you will be hooked and looking for the next climbing problem to solve no matter what age.